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In the winter update 2021 fiended monsters were introduced to the game. They seem to use the normal loot system.

There is a double loot event coming up in Tibia and fiended monsters have a valuable item in their loot - slivers. Therefore I would like to know if fiended monsters are affected by double loot event?

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Yes, fiend creatures are affected by loot bonuses such as Double Loot events as it was stated on the second teaser's TD;DR:

The loot chance of dust is independent of any kind of loot bonuses. Slivers however benefit from loot bonuses. Without any bonuses, fiendish monsters drop three to seven slivers.

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Such information was also referred to on the announcement of the upcoming Double Loot event, however it did not specify which resource would be affected by it:

This combination will also come in handy for those of you who want to farm resources which are needed for upgrading items via the Exaltation Forge.

News: Double Loot & Rapid Respawn Weekend

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Yes, the monsters are affected by double loot weekend! 

4:10 Loot of a cave rat: 11 slivers, 2 gold coins (increased loot).

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But the dust system is not affected by double loot event.

You will receive the same amount of dust because is not an item but more like points.

Double Loot Event

14:32 You received 1 dust for the Exaltation Forge. You now have 1 out of a maximum of 100 dust