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I see many characters that don't enter the game in a long time, but how long does it take to be deleted ?

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When Are Accounts Automatically Deleted?

Accounts are deleted automatically if

  • no character of this account has logged into the Tibia client within a period of n months where n is equal to the level of the highest character on this account.

    Accounts that have not been used for 36 months (1080 days) are going to be deleted regardless of the level of the highest character.
  • Accounts for which some Tibia service (Premium Time, Tibia Coins, Recovery Key etc.) has been bought at least once with real money via the Webshop will not be deleted automatically at all.
    Note: Gifts and all kind of vouchers do not count as they have not been paid with real money by the account holder.


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From wiki:

Before January 20, 2011, single characters were deleted automatically if they had not been used ingame for a period of months which equalled their level (e.g. a character with level 20 was deleted after 20 months). This rule applied to all characters on accounts without Premium Status, even if the account had been Premium a short while ago.

Further, characters on accounts without Premium status were deleted regardless of their level if they had not logged into the game for 720 days.

If an account contained no characters anymore, it was deleted shortly after.

Now character are not deleted anymore due to inactivity.

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Well i didnt log into my account or log into my char for nearly 5yrs and recently started playing again... so im not sure if they have stopped checking or was over looked.