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I'm trying to figure out which tools in Tibia we have that we don't know the use of quite yet. At this point their considered decoration if you will, not apart of any quest, or anything that we're aware of. Maybe we're not digging deep enough into all the tools available to us so maybe better forming a list will open our eyes to see what we can do with them. I'm aware some tools are probably just useless but it doesn't hurt to know which ones we *think* are useless!

By tool I mean shovel, machete, scythe, things like this.

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Dunno if I understand your question well but in Tibian cyclopedia in Items we can choose bookmark Tools. So tools which u cant use in any quest or on items are:

Oven spatula
Rolling pin
Wooden spoon

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What does bookmark tools mean?
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Well maybe „section tools” dunno how to call it, though it would be good word if we take cyclopedia as Encyclopedia which is mostly linked to books XD as big book with informations  lel