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I want to know what tools or items you have in your backpack at all times or items you'd recommend keeping in your backpack to save for those dangerous moments or just to have handy. For instance I always keep this in my backpack:

Squeezing Gear of Girlpower 16:13 You see a squeezing gear of girlpower. It weighs 3.00 oz.This nifty gadget can be used for many vital and less vital purposes. If it's not jammed, that is.

Obtainable by opening CGB's Mysterious Package. You need to have the Secret Service Quest completed to be able to open the package, and it needs to correspond to the package you want to open. Can be used as Rope, Shovel, Pick, Machete, Scythe and Sickle, but not as a melee weapon to destroy objects. You must always keep in mind that this item can jam whenever you use it and can then not be used for 1 minute. Credits to tibiawiki for this quote.

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It should be an opinion based quest shouldn't it?
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keep some gems too!
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thanks! i thought so too
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I like this question, but seems to be getting things that high levels should always carry with them. I am also interested in say someone under level 150 should carry that's worth the cap vs the item for lower levels as some of the items add up quickly to being able to cap the normal supplies. So this would also mean you wouldnt carry like boss access items, but you may carry say time rings, energy rings, stealth rings, ect.

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  • Amulet of LossAmulet of Lost : In order not to lose items if I die full blessed.
  • Unity CharmUnity charm , Solitude CharmSolitude Charm , Spiritual CharmSpiritual charm , Twin Sun CharmTwin sun charm  and Phoenix Charmphoenix charm : In case I get trapped before doing inquisition blessing.
  • Ghostsilver LanternGhostsilver Latern : To be able to cross the wall in the laberynth of the winter and summer court.
  • BloodVial of Blood , OilVial of Oil   and The Holy TibleHoly Tible : To be able to enter POI
  • CarrotCarrots  , Fire BugFire Bug , Death RingDeath ring  andLife RingLife ring : To be able to enter the Blood Brother Quest
  • Charged Compass (Violet)Charged Compass  and Golden AxeGolden Axe: To be able to enter the rewards room of carnivors.
  • Obsidian KnifeObsidian Knife
  • Blessed Wooden StakeBlessed wooden stake.
  • Squeezing Gear of Girlpower 2 Squeezing gear of girlpower: In case one breaks I got the other
  • PendulumPendulum : To be able to enter one hidden woom in the mines of Terrorsleeps
  • DragonfetishDragonfetish  and White MushroomWhite Mushrooms : To be able to leave draconia fast.
  • Small Golden AnchorSmall Golden Anchor: To be able to leave deeplings fast.
  • Bucket Filled with Chalk (Fine)Bucket filled with chalk: To be able to enter falcons from edron
  • ScytheScythe : To be able to enter library also to break breakable walls.
  • ScimitarScimitar: To be able to enter the nomads respawn of ankrahmun (Aritos task)
  • Small EmeraldSmall emeralds: To go to feirist
  • Orichalcum PearlOrichalcum pearls: To travel through the tps between PH-Northport and LB-Svargrong, and also from the knight's tower to different cities.
  • Teleport Crystal.gifTeleport Crystal: To be able to enter the WZ teleports.
  • Scale of Corruption.gifScales of Corruption: To be able to enter Wote from behind
  • Spying EyeSpying Eye : To know where the gold token vortex is.
  • Scarab Coin.gifScarab Coins: To be able to enter the deep floors of the tombs in ankramun
  • Death Toll.gifDeath Tools and Soulforged Lantern Soulforged Lantern: To be able to enter the final room of the Feaster of souls Quest
  • Adventurer's Stone.gifAdventurer's stone: To ble able to go to the trainers and bosses' rewards chess fast in the destiny island.
  • Parcel.gifParcels with my own name in label: In case I get red/black skull in the char.
  • Might Ring.gifMight rings, Energy Ring.gifenergy rings and Stone Skin Amulet.gifStone skin amulets: In case I get trapped
  • Honey Flower.gifHoney Flowers: Not to get pushed
  • Bronze Prison Key.gifBronze Copper Prison Key.gifCooper Golden Prison Key.gifGolden and Silver Prison Key.gifSilver prison keys: To be able to enter prison bosses
  • Energy Bomb Rune.gifEnergy/Fire Bomb Rune.gifFire/Poison Bomb Rune.gifPoison Bombs Runes: Not to get pushed or to avoid creatures from surrounding me
  • Magic Wall Rune.gifMagic walls, Disintegrate Rune.gifdisintegrate runes and Destroy Field Rune.gifdestroy fields runes: For pvp mostly
  • Copper Key Keys from different rooms from different respawns and cities.
  • Burial ShroudBurial Shroud: To have access to the Port hope hunting area with minibosses of the Feaster of souls quest:

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it was really hard choosing a best answer as they all were so good but as this is per opinion i think i really like ur idea of what to keep in ur backpack very descriptive and tons of items im sure i wouldnt be a low lvl and carry this much nor a mage but its good to have these handy! please see all responses as their all good!!
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yep, you are right;  if I had not that much capacity, I would dispense with some things, but still I woould keep most of them in case I need them inmediatly
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I always have in my backpack:

Destroy Field Rune Destroy Field Rune

Destroys fire, poison and energy fields, from any distance as long there's nothing blocking the path. This rune is useful to escape from PK traps in PvP worlds and can be used to loot monsters that may be under the fields layed by other monsters. Also needed in a couple of quests.

Disintegrate Rune Disintegrate Rune

Destroys movable objects. It can help you save you from a PK trap. You need to stand next to the item(s) you want to disintegrate. It will disintegrate up to 500 movable items (it will not disintegrate any dead human body, but it will disintegrate monster bodies). It does not count as an aggressive action, and therefore works in Protection Zones and does not prevent the player from entering them.

Amulet of Loss Amulet of Loss

If you die in PVP with the Twist of Fate blessing and wearing an Amulet of Loss, you will only lose Twist of Fate.

It is necessary to have it in backpack on pvp worlds.

Energy Ring Energy Ring

The Energy Ring provides a Magic Shield for 10 minutes.

Stone Skin Amulet Stone Skin Amulet

Reduces physical and death damage by exactly 80% rounded up to the nearest whole number. 

The Holy Tible The Holy Tible

It allow to enter in The Pits of Inferno Quest.

Complete Opticording Sphere  Complete Opticording Sphere

It helps me to open portal in Opticording Sphere Quest

Scale of Corruption Scale of Corruption

Allows you to use the Teleport in the room under NPC Zlak (place it in the empty coal basin before entering the Teleport), which takes you to NPC Zizzle deep under Razzachai.

Scarab Coin Scarab Coin

Scarab coins are decorative and also used for "sacrifices" (to activate warps) in the several Ankrahmun Tombs. 

Energy Soil Energy Soil

Can be used to pass the energy wall or fire wall in the Magician's Quarter Residential Area to access the Warlock and Infernalist spawns. It can also be used to enter the blue flame and access the Demons spawn under the Magician Quarter's Restricted Area.

Flask of Rust Remover Flask of Rust Remover

Can be used to remove the rust from Rusty Armors, Rusty Helmets, Rusty Legs, and Rusty Shields. 

Teleport Crystal Teleport Crystal

Needed to use the Gnomish Crystal Teleport System

Spying Eye Spying Eye

Item obtained in the Heart of Destruction Quest. When used, it tells you where a vortex is currently active.

Golden Prison Key Golden Prison Key

Allows access to Prince Drazzak's 

Bronze Prison Key Bronze Prison Key

Allows access to Zavarash's chamber for 1 person. Use it on in the Roshamuul Prison when standing on the respective platform to be taken to him.

Silver Prison Key Silver Prison Key

Allows access to Terofar's chamber. Use it on in the Roshamuul Prison when standing on the respective platform to be taken to him.

All Knowing Sausages All Knowing Sausages.gif

When used a message will appear saying where is the portal for The Great Schnitzel.

Ghostsilver Lantern Ghostsilver Lantern

Allow  access to boss room in Forgotten Knowledge Quest.

Adventurer's Stone Adventurer's Stone

Teleports you to the Adventurer's Guild if used in a temple.

Squeezing Gear Of Girlpower Squeezing Gear of Girlpower

Can be used as Rope, Shovel, Pick, Machete, Scythe and Sickle, but not as a melee weapon to destroy objects.

Blessed Wooden Stake Blessed Wooden Stake

Can be used on slain Vampires in order to get Vampire Dust and on dead Demons to get Demon Dust.

Obsidian Knife Obsidian Knife

An Obsidian Knife is used to get different types of leather from the dead bodies of certain creatures, such as Minotaurs, Dragons, Dragon Lords, Lizards, Bonebeasts, Behemoths and some bosses.

Scissors Scissors

This item allow me to cut flowers in Issavi.

Blueberry Cupcake Blueberry Cupcakeand Blessed Steak Blessed Steak 

It will refill your mana completely. It saved my life few times.

Wooden Key (Key:3940) image

Used to enter/exit the Fibula Dungeon.

Silver Key (Key:0909) image

The doors it opens give access to the external area of the Bastion and hence the boat that works as a shortcut between the Falcon Bastion and the underground area.

Copper Key (Key:3012) image

Used for locking and unlocking the main doors to Hellgate.

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Why The Holy Tible? And for me don't make sense take "All Knowing Sausages" since you will use it only during the event or I'm wrong? The rest I agre with you
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The Holy Tible helps me if for example I wanna enter on POI Dragon Lords spawn (I play on pvp server and sometimes people try to hide there). You can't serach for All Knowing Sausages in your depo ( I have really big mess in my depo >.<) so I prefer to keep them in my backpack.
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I was thinking about pvp but not exactly this hehe. Thx to clear it to me =]
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A few cool items "good to have" from me

  • teleport crystal 
  • orichalcum pearls (to teleport between explorer society headquarters and few other places from POH)
  • fishing rod  (for bottles in roshamuul)
  • few keys   (always good to have)
  • music box  (in case of some rare mount)
  • scarab coins  (to enter tomb any time i want)
  • Dragonfetish  (or mushroom... to quit draconia fast)
  • adventurers stone (i check mini word changes every day)
  • chargeable compass  (once a year i make this tasks again.. and i dont wanna go back to taki it from depo)
  • gems (to teleport to Fayrist)
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thank u for the details of why u keep the items <3
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I always have 4-5 pairs of soft boots in my backpack. Just so I don't have to run to venore so often.
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same~! but i live near softboot shop in venore so its easily repairable but im lazy to walk npc XD
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For me (as an elder druid) it's Blessed Steak. Just in case of emergency. It kind of gives you a second life when you're on mana shield.
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yes! ive heard of this they are soo pricy. so recommended to stock up during hot cuisine.
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Here is some items I think you should keep in your backpack:

  • Spying Eye Spying Eye  - to see where is GT vortex
  • Orichalcum Pearl Orichalcum Pearl  - to travel using Explorer Society TP's
  • image Gem - to travel to Feyrist
  • Scale of Corruption Scale of Corruption - to enter WOTE
  • Stone Skin Amulet Stone Skin Amulet - at least 20 of them (recommend 40)
  • Blessed Wooden Stake Blessed Wooden Stake - 
  • Obsidian Knife Obsidian Knife - 
  • Teleport Crystal Telepor Crystal - to acess Gnome base
  • image Dragonfetish - to leave Draconia
  • image Music Box - to tame midnight panther
  • Whacking Driller of Fate Whacking Driller of Fate - this complete the Squeezing Gear of Girlpower
  • Squeezing Gear of Girlpower Squeezing Gear of Girlpower - this complete the Whacking Driller of Fate
  • Brown Mushroom Brown Mushroom - you always need food
  • Destroy Field Rune Destroy Field Rune - 
  • Magic Wall Rune Magic Wall Rune - help you to leave trap situations
  • Candle Stump Mount items -  if you are trying to tame some creature, keep the item at you backpack
Also you can take some specific items if you use to hunt at a specific place like the  Lotus Key Lotus Key if you hunt at Asura's Mirror you will use the key to trap the true asuras. 
* As I don't play PVP I´m not considering anything essencial for that.
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i dont play pvp neither. thanks for ur response!
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Ok nobody said that but a extremely thing to have always on you backpack it’s a rope... really no joke sometimes 1 minute waiting for the squeezing gear jam thing will just make you get killed =/

And something I always keep in every lvl bp is adventurer’s stone to check for daily events ;)

Dog collar in case you find noodles walking around thais

Music box or any other mount item that you want to tame (some are harder to find than others)

(for low lvls I usually carry rope, light shovel and a machete or crowbar it’s too expensive to get a squeezing gear as lvl 20~70 and sometimes impossible to get it so...)
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ahh ropes! a man never leaves without his rope!