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Every time you roll a prey you get 9 creatures, but is it completely random or there's some rules of what creature will appear to you?

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Each monster list will offer a random choice of 9 monsters, covering different difficulty levels. You will not find the same monsters in different preys, so you cannot choose two or three different bonuses for one monster.


Besides that, we have revised and advanced our prey system. In addition to the already known possibility to roll for a random list of nine monsters, you can now directly select your prey of choice for the price of five Bonus Rerolls. 

Furthermore, the prey dialog now offers an option called "Lock Prey" which locks both your prey and its corresponding bonus. Similar to the already known automatic bonus reroll, this option will refresh your prey time every time it is about to run out while keeping the current bonus.

Since the term "Bonus Reroll" no longer covers the whole functionality of those cards, we have renamed them to "Prey Wildcards" and increased the maximum amount that can be owned per character to 52


In my personal experience it gives me all ranges of monsters. Monsters ranging from needing a team hunt like floating savants or monsters that are challenging solo but still manageable like elder wyrms and lastly monsters that I dont even see anymore because I dont hunt mutated humans on a daily basis. 

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Oh thanks for the source, that confirms my theory xD
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Not a problem yeah yall answered appropriately so thank you too ♡
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You should write the answer by yourself  not just copy and paste, =] just a hint
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Thanks I like hard facts so not much to add when you copy and paste the answer after researching through forums and threads for the answer but I will also include my personal experience in my answers as well so I do appreciate your feedback because rather than being a robot I can share how it works for me so you got good points thanks ♡
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Creatures in Tibia are clustered in different levels of Dificulty

I've heard that the bestiary is programmed to always have 1 creature from each level.

That tries to keep the preys "balanced" for every player. I'm not sure on how many dificult levels there are (I would guess 9) but I do know that is not exactly like the bestiary: easy, hard, etc... because I've had 2 hard creatures in the same prey many times.

I can't find a source for this and I'm not 100% sure, but I've heard that many times while reading forums, etc... And from my experience, it seems to be true.
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I believe it's completely random, further enforced by the fact many players have suggested that Cipsoft makes some changes (like only rerolling into creatures for a character's current level) however to no avail.
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Every time you roll your prey you will 9 creatures. The creatures that appear will be from easy ones to the most difficult so it means that doesn't matter your level you will always have a creature that you could pick for you own level.

Creatures that you have already in a prey slot will not show at another.