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Both of the quests, which list the legion helmet as a reward are located on the Rookgard. Is there a fast way of getting it/ looting it on Mainland?

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The fast way to get it in Mainland is getting one in Rookgard and going to Mainland, as you don't take a long time to reach level 8. Sure, you can buy it in Mainland as well.

In Mainland Legion Helmet drop only from bosses, so it's kinda hard to get one.
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Thank you for that!
Is it possible to get the helmet on Rookgard as a free account? I have no spots available on the account and its also sometimes not possible to get it off the market.
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Yes, it is. There's three quests (one in Dawnport) where you get one: Present Box quest, Dragon Corpse Quest and Legion Helmet Quest (Dawnport)

Here's the spoilers from BR Tibia Wiki: