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For example, if I got the trophy at level 999 and after that I die.... can I get another trophy?


You see a golden goblet.

It weighs 15.00 oz.

It is given for reaching level 999. Awarded to <Character Name>.

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I think you can only get one trophy but can’t actually prove that…
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It's hard to test this, but why would one be able to get 2 items? It should work as a quest reward item and not as a quest intermediary item. If it is possible to get 2, should be an bug or oversight.
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A friend of mine bought the char in the bazaar, close to level 1000 and the trophy came with the name of the previous owner of the char... he would like to make one with his name, so I'm curious

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No, this is a one time obtainable object.

Unless you died enough times to reset all the Questlog record, let’s say: You reach Rookard or Dawnport

Source: Trust me bro.
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Have you died from level 999 back to rookgard and then got level 999 to get trophy again? Has this been verified?
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Not that I know of, but since you can re-do all the quest with that char again (even the ones with one-time-obtainable-objects), it fair to asume that in order to get another goblet you can do it that way.

This I know for a fact: A friend losts his trophy (He drop it on the roof of the house in the island and couldn’t get it back), so he sent a msg to cip and they replied that they couldn’t help him ‘cause as I said is a one time obtainable item. So, now there he is without his goblet