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As the title says, is it possible two obtain more than one? Recently I lost mine and the NPC that usually sells you quest things doesn't sell this torch so I'm afraid that it's like a quest rewards as the bone fiddle, but if not is it possible to obtain a second one? and if it is how?

The item I'm talking about: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Lit_Torch_(Sparkling)
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i don't know but if you don't have completed quest try with word "lost" or "mission" :) it sometimes helpful
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As far as I know, you cannot get another one. You could do it on a subchar and just share the torch between your characters though.

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I checked it by myself and you can make another Lit torch. I made it with done quest. You have to go back to Npc at werehyenas and say "lost torch". And do same things later like you did as first time. Here you have 2 photos. :>

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i was down that it coudnt be done gonna check it if its true i will mark it as best answer, great research!

did the test and it worked thank you so much

only things you have to do is to get the torch and use the petals on the south of the book were the werelions are