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I want to farm fireproof horns to not spend time when Chyllfroest will be active, but Chakoyas drop this item before April 1st?

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Yes, it does.

I have looted many of them while doing bestiary. The cave I used is in Nibelor. Once in Nibelor enter in the Sled with 2 hams in the backpack, here:

You will be taken to the eastern side, here:

in which there is a huge Chakoya cave!

PS: This cave is acessible even when Chyllfroest or Iceberg are not active, therefore it is a permanent option for Chakoya hunters :)

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Yes, you can loot Fireproof Horns from Chakoyas all year round I have done this in the past.

Here's a little tip if you can only loot something for a certain time period like the Bunches of Winterberries during the Annual Autumn Vintage it will be faded out in the Bestiary.

As you can see, Fireproof horns are not faded out.