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I couldnt find anything properly about those both creatures having something in common but I was considering, they must be related in a way smiley

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Chakoyas in fact worship the Yetis as "divine beings, but bear no relation to them as far as is known" as per Lurik. 

You will be able to find some Snowman's looking like Yeti (It looks pretty much like a little yeti.)in Chakoya's settlement - Inukaya. 

This is all well put and explained in Tibia Secrets Article - https://tibiasecrets.com/strange-yeti-cult/

Article copied from TibiaSecrets below:

"Yeti is one of these creatures which people desire to meet at least once. Since implementing bestiary to the game it’s even harder to find it, as everyone wants to get 5 kills and 50 charm points. Last year, Hunter of Dragoes managed to finally prove that it drops bunnyslippers – an item which is very rare and as legendary as Yeti itself.
You may read more about it here: 

Have you ever wondered about the Yeti’s role in the lore? Are there any references to Yeti in the game? Surprisingly, there are quite a few. What we know for sure, is that Yeti serves as some kind of symbol in Chakoyas’ culture. Take a look at the pictures below.

That’s what we can find while visiting the Inukaya lands. Yeti exists in the consciousness of these little beings and seems to be something like a deity to them. Chakoyas probably worship it by making snowmen that resemble this creature. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that the only known location where Chakoya race lives along with Yetis is Chyllfroest island.

It’s just one of the many Yeti references which can be found in the game. We are sure that most players are not aware of how important is the role of this creature to Svargrond inhabitants’ culture.
We combined their statements into one collage.


Are you surprised? We are both surprised and excited. It appears that almost all inhabitants of Svargrond and areas nearby have something to say about this subject. We will surely keep on researching and exploring this matter. Meanwhile, take a look at the statements above and think about them for a while – developers put quite a lot of effort into this. Perhaps there is a little bit more to be discovered.

Let’s talk about one last curiosity. TibiaWiki states that snowmen which resemble Yeti can be found on Inukaya and in Rookgaard Academy.

Apparently, there are more places where we can find this extraordinary snowman. One of them is in the ice witch temple where Zushuka has her respawn – south of Bittermor camp on Hrodmir island. It’s worth mentioning that there are no Chakoyas nearby. Who made this snowman, then? And what for? Notice that there are some suspicious cracks underneath it. It looks like someone tried to cover them with the snowman.

Another place where we can find several yeti snowmen is the iceberg which can be accessed during Chakoya Iceberg Mini World Change. It’s the place with the most chakoya windcallers in Tibia, which itself makes it especially interesting. It’s possible that it serves as a place of the Yeti cult.

There is one, even more interesting and somehow creepy place where Yeti snowman can be found. It’s the house of Romir – hermit, who lives nearby Svargrond. Take a look at the screenshot below.

This is quite strange. The Yeti snowman is placed on something similar to an altar. Moreover, there is fresh blood on it. What has happened here? Does it suggest that Romir performed some rituals related to Yeti? What is the purpose of them?

 Additionally, these strange 2 tiles look like the ones used as astral portals known from The Explorer Society Quest. It is known that they are used as teleports… How about a crazy theory? What if Romir somehow revives the snowmen and turns them into real Yeti? Then send them somewhere using the astral portal?

These questions have to remain unanswered for now. TibiaSecrets team will continue to investigate this mystery and hopefully, we will meet again when we publish the 2nd part of the article."


Major Credit for - Tibia Secrets - https://tibiasecrets.com/strange-yeti-cult/



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Wow thank you! very interesting!
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Thank you for adding the content of tibiasecrets but please use some better formatting while quoting, in particular/to be more precise: mark the copied text as a source, please :)