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How we can I save money on imbuing the equipments?

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Example with 'Life Leech' on 'Powerful Level'
We need:

25 Vampire Teeth
15 Bloody Pincers
5 Piece of Dead Brain
6 Gold Tokens

- If you buy all Creature Products from other players:
Item                              Amount    Price (Each)        Total

Vampire Teeth                     25        2,4K Each           60K
Bloody Pincers                    15        6,5K Each           97K
Piece of Dead Brain             5         19K  Each           95K

- If you use only Gold Tokens to change in Creature Products and imbuing
Item                Amount          Price (Each)         Total
Gold Token    6                     40K                         240K

You save 12K.

Example with 'Critical' on 'Powerful Level'
We need:
20 Protective Charn
25 Sabretooth
5 Vexclaw Talon                                   
6 Gold Tokens

- If you use Creature Products and Gold Token to imbuing
Gold Token price: 40k Each
Item                              Amount    Price (Each)        Total
Protective Charn           20             2,5K Each             50K
Sabretooth                    25             6K   Each              150K
Vexclaw Talon               5               1,5K Each             7,5K

To save money, buy 4 Gold Token and exchange it to Protective Charn and Sabretooh (Strike level Powerful) and buy with money the Vexclaw Talon.

Item                              Amount    Price (Each)        Total
Gold Tokens                  4               40K Each             160K
Vexclaw Talon               5               1,5K Each            7,5K

You save 40K.

All this math depende only of your market prices.

You can exchange Gold Token with NPC Yana (Adventurer.s Guild) to imbuing with Strike, Vampirism and Void in all levels.

Player Say: 

Creature products
Strike / Vampirism / Void
Basic / Intricate / Powerful

Basic = 2 Gold Tokens (She give all creature products you need)
Intricate = 4 Gold Tokens (She give all creature products you need)
Powerful = 6 Gold Tokens (She give all creature products you need)

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Obviously it's all dependant of the prices on the market, but you're 100% correct, and nearly everytime it's better to just exchange your gold tokens with NPC Yana.