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We know that Venore is a port city. There, many famous pirates like Rapp Scallion passed by. But who was Captain Jones? Where he came from?

Captain Joned Captain Jones.

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Some of random bosses added in 2008 have been named with names similar to the names of heroes of various fairy tales and legends.

According to TibiaFandom (https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Captain_Jones) is an allusion of captain Davy Jones from "Pirates of the Carribean" movie.

That's why I wouldn't look for history of Captain Jones in game.

In Tibia you can find also The Frog Prince (known from fairy tales), Yaga the Crone (allusion to the famous "Baba Jaga", famous witch from slavic fairy tales), The Big Bad One (from Grimms' Fairy Tales), Willi Wasp (allusion to the Willi - bee from Polish cartoon "Maya the Bee" or originally "Pszczółka Maja") etc.

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Wow, cool this allusions but...
...from somewhere he came with this ghost ship.
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After a few hours in the Isle of King library, I came across this book:

The Flying Venorean

Probably tells the story of the ghost ship captain. I know there are articles in Tibiafandon and Tibiawiki, but in a simplified way. Books reveal much more information to us.

Information contained in the book:

"The legend of the flying Venorean has been recounted by generations of seamen. The legend has as many variations as there are ships upon which it is told. Although there are many variations, most of the stories follow a similiar theme. In most stories, the ship was built in Venore and sailed under a Venorean flag. The captain is depicted as a daring and able sailor. However, the stories disagree upon whether he was a ruthless man who ruled through fear or a man of honour, respected by his crew. What is certain, is that his ship traded with Thais and Carlin and braved the seas even in the worst weather. It came to pass that the trade barons of Venore forbade all trade with Carlin in order to isolate and weaken the city. They had no problems convincing Thais to join them, as the Thaian authorities viewed Carlin as a renegade province of their Kingdom, and were all too eager to teach them a lesson. The captain of the Flying Venorean, however, disregarded the orders from his superiors. He more or less openly smuggled goods and traded them with Carlin and prospered well in the process. At this point, the legend again becomes vague, with many different versions claiming to be the truth.

Some state that, as the Captain realised that he could get away with defying the authorities, he became arrogant, and began to defy the Gods as well - and duly met with their punishment. Other stories state that in the midst of a raging storm that threatened to cost him his ship, he incurred the wrath of Bashteth by cursing her, and was in turn cursed by her. A further version state that the captain had a love affair witha mermaid who he betrayed, and who then took horrible revenge upon him, as only a woman can. Yet another version cites the reason for the ship's cruel fate was a cursed gift or a piece of cargo given by one of the trade barons as a punishment for the Captain's defiant behaviour. Be that as it may, the ship never returned from its last voyage. Now, this is not an unusal fate for a ship as the sea is a perilous and unforgiving place known to swallow many a ship, but the Flying Venorean did indeed return - as a ghost ship. In the years since it met with its tragic fate, the Flying Venorean has often been the last thing many a sailor has seen, cresting the waves ahead of a storm that spells doom to those unfortunate enough to encounter it. Only a few have lived to tell the tale, the majority of them broken men with no desire to return to voyaging the seas. As seamen's yarns are like to do, the ship's legend grows with each retelling. Stories differ as to whether they believe the ship's presence to be beneficial, a forlorn warning to the doomed ships to baton down the hatches, or whether the ship itself drags its victims into the storm, leading them to a watery grave. Still, there have been too many sightings of the Venorean to altogether disregard this tale as a yarn spun by seamen to scare landlubbers. In some legends, the ship has the allowance to dock and its crew may tread the land for one night only. Such nights are usually marked by fearsome storms and rumours tell of ghostly sailors who hand those they encounter with letters addressed to long dead relatives or who seek out descendents of their family and watch them from afar. Beneath the sounds of the storm, there are some who swear they can hear the sighs and sobs of the seamen bewailing their tragic fate."