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I'm in Farmine trying to find the Orc Marauders can you please show me where their located exactly? This is for bestiary among other things.

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They are located in the Orc's Settlement, here:

A good time to do this bestiary is during the Orc Raids in Farmine, specially the raid in Zzaion (Zulazza)!

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Good tip regarding the raid I need to pay attention to those more often thanks
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Another way to spot them in a large group is during the Zao Raid that takes place along the river there, starting right here:

then going right. 

The orcs appear there in large groups along with Cublarc the Plunderer, which can drop a Disgusting Trophy! So both bestiary and a rare here :D

Just keep an eye on such msgs:

  1. 00:00An orcish horde, ready for murder and plunder, is amassing to begin its travel through the steppes of Zao. Beware!
  2. 00:05: (unannounced raid)
  3. 00:10The great march of the orcish horde has begun!
  4. 00:12: (unannounced raid)