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One of the Winterlight Solstice rewards is: increased (2x) Respawn rate. I wonder if it also works with Bosses from Cobra Bastion. Does Gaffir, Guard Captain Quaid and Custodian respawn faster?

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I wouldn't be surprised since all monsters near the bosses are affected by this event - Fetters, Geed Worms etc. but I'm not sure about Cobra Bastion so I prefere to not write it as answer :D
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I think you are right

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The increased respawn rate shouldn't affect cobra bosses or  mini bosses, however it does for the Winter Solstice 2020 but they do plan to change it next Winter Solstice.

Here's an official response from Skerio a Community Manager as I didn't have personal experience with the bosses:

> Because there's 2x respawn rate from winterlight
> solstice. Do the COBRA mini bosses spawn faster? And
> the bosses as well..Does Gaffir, Guard Captain Quaid
> and Custodian receive 2x respawn bonus too?

The increased respawn rate doesn't affect bosses or mini bosses (nor their potential minions).


However, someone informed him that he's wrong and the respawn rate is affected for Winter Solstice 2020.

Seems to be the case indeed; it's not intended that way and will be changed before the next Winterlight Solstice event. Thanks for the heads-up!


This was a past post on bosses and mini bosses as they changed the respawn in the past.

> the 2x respawn resp aswell include bosses or just

> regular 2x respawn of monster only (falcon mini bosses)

Only regular monsters are affected by such events. The respawn rate of bosses such as the falcon ones are not changed.


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Hmm I sometimes hunt cobra bosses and I think they really respawn faster in last time..I thought it is because of respawn rate but I have no idea now..
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Got the official reply an edited my post. Turns out it was unintentional , good catch (:
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After the first rapid respawn CIP changed a couple of things so bosses/mini bosses are no longer affected for incresead respawn rate.