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Today when i have logged into Unica, i have noticed Zao have an boosted respawn, and then i get the message of an raid there. So, my question is, does it have any impact on raids/any bossess respawn time?

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Bosses are not affected by increased respawn or the rapid respawn event. They were only affected for the first 2 rapid respawns events then it was adjusted because it made it too easy to camp them for loot.

Here is the official news when it was changed. https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=newsarchive&id=4686
"As a result of player feedback and to alleviate the inflationary emergence of rare boss items drops, all bosses and minibosses will be excluded from this and future Rapid Respawn events. This includes bosses like Zugurosh, Jaul or the new falcon knight bosses."

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Thanks for trustfull informations ^^
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Hello to be very direct the answer is no. The boost of respaw in the area does not affect the bosses that may appear in this location. Now if you take into account, for example, pharaohs and the challenges of each room of the inquisition quest, being these bosses, yes, it affects and makes the respaw of these creatures faster
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Wow! Interesting I didn't know that!
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I'm not sure if this is completely accurate. The first time they ran a rapid respawn event it affected bosses like falcon mini bosses, inquisition, and pharaohs. I thought they changed it for the next event though so these bosses were no longer affected