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Shrunken Head NecklaceI have a friend who owns a Shrunken Head Necklace and it's usable with crosshairs, question is what do you use it on? I was thinking it reminds me of a ritualistic so the first thing that came to my mind was the NPC Chondur and his little hut of weird things he's got going on. 


Anyone else have any suggestions or know what its used for?

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This amulet in some PVP worlds is very usefull as part of the set to give you speed, normally people use the beetle necklace cause it is a cheap version since the shrunken head necklace is very rare and expensive.

I would say keep it, and in case you want to run respawns, or pvp wise you can use it to become faster.
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You didn't understand the question :D
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Im sorry, my question is what can you use the crosshairs on... use with. Not just use it as equipment.