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I was hunting other day and my stamina got to 39:59 (orange), but then when I spend some time traveling (between boats, depots etc) I checked and it was 40:00 (green), is it possible or it was a bug?

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Yes you can gain stamina while your online but you need to be in a Resting Areas w/ the daily reward bonus streak of 4 from the reward shrine. When you go in and out of a Protection Zone your timer doesn't reset, please click here for more details on that.

It's quite awesome because you can go the store or sell some loot but depends on what your stamina is at for the regeneration. (:

For every 3 minutes will gain 1 minute of stamina if your not on bonus green stamina. However, it will take even longer to regenerate the stamina for hour 42 and 41 since you gain way more experience in it. For every 10 minutes you will get 1 minute added to the character’s bonus stamina.

After a player has taken 4 daily rewards consecutively, and not lost his/her streak, they will receive Stamina regeneration at the normal rate while online. This however, can only be done in what is referred to as Resting Areas, which includes all depots, temples, houses, guildhalls and the Adventurers' Guild.


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What are the resting zones? You mean to say protection zones?
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resting areas~ because not all protection zones are resting areas thanks for pointing that out. I call them resting zones so I know that can be very confusing I'll reword that(: