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If I have enough daily-reward streak, I'll regenerate my stamina inside a resting zone (depots, houses, etc)

The regeneration is at the same rate as if I would be offline:

  • 3 Minutes to regenerate 1 minute of stamina if my stamina is below 40 hours
  • 10 Minutes to regenerate 1 minute of stamina if my stamina is between 40-42 hours

My question is: 

  • Those 10 minutes need to be uninterrupted?
  • If stay in a resting zone for 9 minutes and leave to buy some pots, and then come back, will the timer reset, thus I'll have to wait +10 minutes or it just pauses while I'm outside and then continues?
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Please, could you reformulate the title into a question?
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thank you, done :)

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Your stamina regeneration bonus has a counter that won't reset as soon as you leave the resting area. It will leave off exactly where you left it. This means you could go buy pots and it won't reset your progress. You can leave the protection zone to do whatever you want, but it will keep the progress you've already made once you step back into the resting area your bonus stamina regeneration will continue as if you never left the zone. Even if you gain experience, the counter won't reset it will just make you lose 2 minutes of stamina for the creature you killed.
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Thank you for testing it out, I wonder if we kill something and gain experience, what would happen? Because Deers gives no exp ^.^
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Oh your right let me go to Minotaurs now!
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Please see my edit above you'll be amazed at the testing of this lol
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Great research! funny thing is that i have asked myself about it several times saying.. ' i have to try this' and i never did. U made the work for me! thanks! <3