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Instant Reward Access

When you use the daily shrine every day you get a streak. When you get a reward streak it can allow for hitpoints, mana, stamina, and soul point regeneration. This will work in resting areas. Now which depots will reward streak not work in?

According to Tibia Fandom:

"Resting Areas can be found inside Depots, Temples, all rentable buildings, and the Adventurers' Guild. If they are marked with a Within Resting Area icon (Within Resting Area Icon) in your Status Bar, there are no regeneration bonuses from the Reward Wall active. If they are marked with a Within Active Resting Area icon (Within Active Resting Area Icon) instead, however, such regeneration bonuses are active."



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The bonus won't work in:

  • Feyrist
  • Krailos
Maybe in some other depot that I don't remember :^)
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Thanks - Yes I was like..why am I not getting this bonus in Krailos -.- xD