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I hunt at the Glooth Bandits and always see the teleport but I don't know how can I use him, what are the task or prerequisite? And where did it go?

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You need 300 voting points in the Rathleton Quest in order to gain access to my absolute favorite spawn, Glooth Bandits! I still hunt there til this very day lol. The fastest way in my opinion (the method I did) would be with the Communication Breakdown Once you reach 300 points you will gain access to West, East, and some of the South spawn of Glooth Bandits. To complete the South spawn of Glooth Bandits (access to the teleport in the middle) you need to complete missions of the Oramond Quest Which will be The Glooth Bandits & Four Demanding Statues.

Watch this Youtube Video for an amazing tutorial by Eric / Psykik: [Tibia Quest Guide] Oramond/Rathleton Voting Points




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Edit: I do apologize, I had typos and had to add some things!