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Please hear me out, I know skinning and dusting are two completely different things but fishing the loot out of a water elemental is such a similar mechanic in the game that I can't help but wonder (and desperately hope) if I unlock the charm, scavenge, and apply it to a water elemental will their be a 10% chance of getting more additional loot from fishing the water elemental? Can you tell me what creatures I can apply Scavenge to successfully?

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Since like most charms 'Scavenge' is assigned to one creature, anyone who has this charm can simply reassign it and see if it can be assigned to Water Elementals.

I would test myself but I dont have the Scavenge charm and I really dont want to use 1500 charm points on it.

Good Luck
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right i never knew that you can add it to only a select number of creatures. i thought they would give us a whole list and we have to decide xD hahha
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In my understanding you can assing this charm at any creature that you are able to use Blessed Wooden Stake and Obsidian Knife, otherwise you can't. Unfortunately considering the low prices of any skinning and dusting items it's hard to find any player that own this charm to confirm it for us.