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Burning IconI've heard there's a couple of ways you can remove all the status conditions at once without typing individual spells, like exana pox for example (which gets annoying). By status conditions I mean: Poison, Cursed, Burning, Freezing etc.

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Hydra tongue salad Hydra Tongue Salad.gif removes all the bad status of your character as well, but you can only use it every 10 minutes

As soon as you jump into the water, your character will be cleaned from all special conditions. Source- Tibia Manual

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I think she asks if swimming will heal you (like jumping on a beach). As far as I know, it works for poison at least.
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yes this is what i mean thank you fpopp!
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i had not idea about this xd
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the only option is just go to "heal npc" i.e. any temple, banuta monkey and say hi/heal