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Theres an island called banor's eye that unreachable however how did it get its name and is there any history behind this island? This small ice island is bothering me because it's so mysterious so any information will help. Thanks.

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Part of the Southern Ice Islands implemented in version 6.2 on June 10th 2001, Banors Eye has been around a long time.  Little is known about it and there has been very little discussion about it in recent times.

Best I could find was it may be the final resting place of Banor who was a creation of the 'Good Gods' - https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Banor but that is more rumor than anything

Hopefully someone can provide more.

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I was typing Banors Eye not Banor I didn't think of doing that, so thank you for including that source.  I love me some rumors so thank you for pointing this out to me, it's most helpful. I think what might  also help out is if you copy/paste what's in the link that way we can save it here - If you don't mind