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 I'm trying to figure out what coal basins you can light with a firebug as Tibia fandom states this:

Unlike normal Coal Basins, these ones are empty. You can use a Fire Bug on it make it a lit basin.

I'm thinking ones aside from quests, but you can also include the ones from quests if you'd like. I think my main goal is trying to find one that isn't from a quest since all the empty coal basins that I've been finding aren't able to be lit from a firebug.


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I love these kinds of questions since they encourage exploring, i will keep an eye looking for those basins

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I know only one coal basin that you can fire by using firebug.  This coal basin is part of Kissing a pig QuestIf I find another coal basins which are not part of quest I will update my answer.

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Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Kissing_a_Pig_Quest/Spoiler


Source: https://tibiopedia.pl/quests/Kissing_a_pig_Quest