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How does the waiting list work and does it depend on the maximum player limit for each game world (which might be different for each world)? It's been a while since I've experienced the waiting list. I almost forgot it existed but apparently it still does based on my research. I wanted to include what I've found out so far, but I'm not sure how outdated this information is.

Please note that if too many players are online on the selected game world, you will have to wait a while before you can log in.


Jan 27, 2016- The maximum number of players on Antica and Morta has been raised again to 1050 after a short downtime this afternoon.


When worlds are full of players (more than 950 players online), free account players have to wait until a space for a new player is available to be able to login, premium players can still login without having to wait any queue. However, when a world becomes really crowded (such as in Public Test Servers), even Premium Account players have to wait in the queue; but, surely, they "walk" a lot faster than the Free Accounts.

Before waiting list was included in game, free players had to try to login when there were more than 950 players online, this could be a hard task on a full world and is very unfair as its mostly chance and connection speed that decides which player will be able to log in.

Every place you will have to wait 2 seconds more, starting with 5 seconds if you are 1

st, so if you are in place 60 you will have to wait 123 seconds (2 minutes and 3 seconds). The formula is, where x is your place:


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I don't know exactly how it works, but I remember back in time (around 2007) when I was free account, I used to wait almost an hour to log in Menera. Die in these days was almost sure that you can't get your loot back.
I waited as premium too, these days Menera was really full.
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Right I can't find this information anymore. Good to know just in case because it mentions Test Servers etc.

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From what I've experienced this info is still correct:

  • World populations: X < 950:
    • Premium Accounts: can login instantly
    • Free Accounts: can login instantly

  • World populations: 950 < X < 1050 
    • Premium Accounts: can login instantly
    • Free Accounts: Queue List

  • World populations: 1050 < X 
    • Premium Accounts: Queue List
    • Free Accounts: Queue List
On last 2x exp event, I tried logging in Antica and got thrown to Queue List, when I checked website, it had over 1040 players online.