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I know Rashid travels to a different city each day in which you can trade with him if you've done the necessary quests. What's the fastest way to sell loot to Rashid? Is there any particular method you have when bringing loot to him? What I'm looking for is the best location to sell loot to him as I'm a mage with no caps, little time and have a lot of loot in the depot.

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Carlin is most close, If you push npc to wall you can reach him from depot. :DZnalezione obrazy dla zapytania rashid carlin

You have to push him to sqm where stay purple wizard. ^^

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As everyone said, Carlin is the best location, which occurs on Sundays.

Besides that, the real gain in time is on how to PICK UP the loot

Here is how I do it:

With this method you can pick every Rashid item rly fast, without having to sort dozens of pages of loot and drag one by one =)

P.S: This will work when selling items from ANY NPC

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This is awesome, saves a lot of time when selling loots
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The best way to sell loot to Rashid is doing it on Sunday in Carlin. You can meet him in depo +1. Easy way is to push him next to the depo and block by chairs. In this way you can stay in depo and sell loot to npc without moving.
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I can add scr later because now I'm on the phone :(