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Rashid is a NPC that buys many items and help us on getting profit and some extra cash on our hunts. But this NPC is a traveller and he is always moving from city to city.

So where can we find Rashid on each day of week?

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December 11, 2007


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Editted, added a list with all items that Rashid buys with their price.
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I don't see how a list of items he buys fits into this question.
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Deleted then , just was for adding info , but you re right.
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 Mondays you can find him in Svargrond, in Dankwart's tavern, south of the temple.
 Tuesdays you can find him in Liberty Bay, in Lyonel's tavern, west of the depot.
 Wednesdays you can find him in Port Hope, in Clyde's tavern, west of the depot.
 Thursdays you can find him in Ankrahmun, in Arito's tavern, above the post office.
 Fridays you can find him in Darashia, in Miraia's tavern, south of the guildhalls.
 Saturdays you can find him in Edron, in Mirabell's tavern, above the depot.
 Sundays you can find him in Carlin depot, one floor above.

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Thanks! can you format your answer a little bit? maybe adding maps of exact position and making it a little bit preattier?
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I cant add the maps now... using only mobile... I will update it later ;)