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If my world manages to complete the A Piece of Cake, what are the prizes for the world? Also, are there any individual prizes?

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Once the whole cake has been eaten, NPC Brutus The Baker will appear after the next Server Save. Say help to him, then he will ask you to step on the Cake Base at the island, and then visit the Cake Extraction Machines in Thais, Carlin, Edron, Darashia and Liberty Bay.

Once you have stepped on the extraction machine, return to the Cake Keep Isle, step on the cake base again and then proceed to the next city, repeating the process.

[: Route example: Cake Isle > Thais > Cake Isle > Carlin > Cake Isle > Darashia > Cake Isle > Liberty Bay > Cake Isle > Edron > Cake Isle]

Once you have visited all the extraction machines, return to Brutus The Baker and ask for your reward in order to chose one of the three cake items: Cake Cabinet Kit or Cake Backpack or Cake Tapestry

Individual Rewards

Cake Conqueror and I Did My Part achievements

Cake Cabinet Kit or Cake Backpack or Cake Tapestry

Strawberry Cupcake or Blueberry Cupcake or Lemon Cupcake

World Rewards

25% faster health and mana regeneration for seven days

Experience bonus of 50% for premium players for seven days