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Hello there TibiaQA members!

I would like to know what rewritable documents, books, items etc. are in Tibia.

For example, Valentine's Card can be written only once, so it's not rewritable like for example a letter or label.

Here I found items that are writable only once.

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I know only a few documents and book, here are some of them :

Document Parchment  Blank Paper Blank ParchmentScroll 

Books :

Your student book  Found in a brown box in the underground of the Rookgaard Academy.

If something else comes to my mind, I will edit my answer :)

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I would add also this link to your answer: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Rewritable_Items
Good one, upupup!
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Daisy missing this two :)
Gemmed book (dropped from Frost dragons, dragon lords, demodras)
Small grey book (you can buy this from NPC)
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Gemmed book is not rewritable as far as I remember? I need to check small grey book, thanks!
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I didn't forget, just didn't add them because you can't edit these books once you save something. I don't know where you got this information. I recommend checking something first before you start to mislead people :)
Yes, you remember correctly.
The Small Gray book cannot be edited either for sure :)