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If I start playing Tibia again with new character, how many hours would it take for me to reach level 300 with an EK?

Suppose good skills and equipment. Assume 100% exp (no bonus, prey or shared exp)

For example:

Level    Time   Hunt

0-8        2h       Dawnport

8-20      8h?     Larvas/Minotaur

20-30    20h?   Edron Cyclops


280-300   100h?  Oramond

Total: X hours  

It doesn't need to be precise, but a good estimate for each level range would be great.

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I see people doing it on 3 month, but at the end it's depends how many hours you play, if you are alone on the respawn and more. But its to hard level up fast on Elite Knight if you dont gonna hunt on team.

Level   Time      Hunt (City)

0-8        30m       Dawnport

8-20      6h          Larvas/Minotaur/Rotworms (Darashia)

20-30    12h        Cyclops (Edron/Mistrock)

30-50    20h         Mutad Humans/Dragons (Yalahar)

50-60     20h        Zombies/Pirates (Yalahar) 

60-80      1w         Mutad Tigger/Mutad Rats/Lions Rock (Yalahar/Darashia)

80-100    1w         Dragon Lords/Wyrns/Nightmares (Darashia/Liberty Bay/Yalahar)

100-200  1.5m      Vampire Crypts/Sea Serpents/Nightmares/ (Edron/Calassa/Yalahar)

200-300  2m         Glooth Tower/Bandits/Banuta (Oramond/Port Hope)