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Wondering if there’s a chance of getting something really cool from a music box other than the panther which I already have, so my question is, excluding the panther, is there any other rare mount I can get by using a music box for it?

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I'd say good options to tame using music box is Draptor Draptor, specially now that alot of people want to kill it for bestiary. Another monster you can use a music box is Dragonling Dragonling since the Decorative Ribbon Decorative Ribbon is hard to find at some servers.

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You can use the music box to mount:  DragonlingDraptorIronblightEnraged White DeerMagma CrawlerMidnight PantherPandaWailing Widow ou Wild Horse.

My top 3 of "rare mounts" are:

  1. Midnight Panther
  2. Draptor
  3. Dragonling.

To be honest I never try use it in another mounts, but this is what I found on Wiki.

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I used for panther, draptor and dragonling! :)
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I would say that the rarest mount after Midnight Panther that you can tame with Music Box will be:


You can tame those monsters with Music Box: Dragonling, Draptor, Enraged White Deer, Ironblight, Magma Crawler, Midnight Panther, Wailing Widow, Wild Horse, Panda.