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So I want to do the The Djinn War quest - Marid Faction. However, I still have not completed the bestiary on Blue Djinns and Marids.


Hence the question is, will I still be able to kill the djinns of the faction I pledge allegiance to once I complete the quest? Or once I finish the quest I cannot attack them anymore? Or perhaps I cannot attack them anymore even once I start the quest?

Same question if I wanted to do the other quest instead of this one, could I still kill Green Djinns and Efreets.


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Yes, you can complete the bestiary and attack Djinns of the same faction in some spawns. There's some spawns where you won't be able to enter anymore, like the Yalahar djinns of the same djinn color you picked. However, there's other respawns for them that you're allowed to enter after you complete the Djinn quest. Please see the related question here (I will also quote the answer below): https://www.tibiaqa.com/2975/bestiary-charm-points-creatures-belonging-djinn-faction-that-chose-align?show=2975#q2975

  • Hellgorak seal of inquisition quest: it has efreets
  • Forgotten tomb in edron: has blue djinns
  • Banuta: InIthe jars respawn
  • Haunted tomb of darashia: there is thr corpse of a dead djinn when you enter the cave; when you use it you are telepoted to an island, that sometimes have blue djinns, marids, green djinns and efreets. ( I don't know what is the patron of the respawn)
Thrse are the only ones I know

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Yes, you can.

Even tho you became allies with Blue Djinns, for an example, you can still kill Blue Djinns, otherwise it would be impossible to complete the bestiaries after having the quest done!

The quest only defines which doors/NPC you will be able to go through.