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Which faction (blue or green) is better for each vocation?

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The common opinion has been stated already > EK/RP green and mages blue.

However with the current state of the game my opinion slightly differs. With most of the loot being looted (except for ice rapiers&blue robes and rods/wands whichever, i cant remember) being green djinn or rashid you will generally have more loot for the green djinn side on mid-high level thus making it more valuable. We do not know what future updates might bring but for now this is my point of view.
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So you think that is good to get green djinn in a lvl 100+  ms or ed?
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Surely not optimal cuz of the heavy items but it will probably benefit you more than blue, yes.
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I think it depends.

  • For EK and RP think better green: itens are heavy in general and u can market easily with green itens.
  • ED and MS better blue: this group of itens have less weight so it´s easy to sell.
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I think both works, get blue/green with your main and get another character level p to 50 and get the other is te best way.
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well thought about the oz value thing! I went with my knight to the Green Djinns factions, and I will do a Blue Djinns side with my RP!
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