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The mostly of the time when I try to do The Eating Contest my char get full and I got kicked from the game. Does this can reduce the festive points I have earn already?

Thanks in advance.

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No, failing any Orcsoberfest game won't make you lose any festive points, you just won't gain any festive points. For example, if you lose in the Sausage Contest your festive points will remain the same. This rule also applies to the other games like Whack-an-Orc, Mopping up Vomit, Feeding the Porker, Cart Race, Super drunk nailing and lastly the final boss fight against King Chuck. The only way to lose festive points is to exchange them for prizes with NPC Xaver during Orcsoberfest. Click here if you want to know what prizes you can get when you exchange festive points. You can lose Schnitzel Points when you go into the Feeding Grounds. Schnitzel Points are rewarded when you find the Schnitzel and give you 2 hours of access to the feeding grounds, which is what the same games require you to have. For example, Feeding the Porker, Mopping up Vomit, and the final boss fight with King Chuck all require you to go into the feeding grounds. You can easily get these points back by finding the Schnitzel and whacking him with the hammers, of course, Click here if you need help finding the Schnitzel.