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For example, I have 500 lvl, full blessed. Let's say its hardcore pvp and I die by people. How much exp do I lose?

Another one all the same 500lvl full blessed killed by peoples. But it's open pvp. How much do I lose?

How can I calculate it or is there any source where can I find it?

What is the base of % losing on deads?

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This is a very useful tool to calculate death losses in different scenarios

Experience Loss calculator

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This website is currently not working. I have contacting the creator of the "App" in hopes he can fix it. However yes it was a great tool & I am missing it so much :'[
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ahh I'm sorry to hear that. Ill make a note of it. Thanks for the update.
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Link is working again on my end
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Hello! I know of a great Promoted Fansite: Tibia Live (App) that I recently downloaded on my Android phone. This fansite can calculate your blessing cost, experience loss, skill loss, equipment loss, and container loss. It asks you for your level if you're promoted, and if you play hardcore retro PVP or not. So in your case according to the app if your level 500, promoted and on Hardcore Retro PVP you will lose 20,419,410 experience. Your blessings will cost a total of 152,000 for all 7 blessings and you won't lose any equipment or containers if you have full blessings. If it's Open PVP full blessed at level 500 you will lose 9,529,058 experience. This is what the app looks like:

Now to answer your question about percentage, I'm going to go based on the Tibia Manual: Death because this is the only information I could find-

Characters up to level 23Lose 10% of their total experience points
Starting at level 24Starting at level 24, the total percentage that is lost is declining and is easier explained by the number of levels that are lost. Every 50 levels, a character loses half a level more, starting with losing 1 level for a character at level 50. A character at level 100 will lose 1,5 level upon death, at level 150 2 levels, at level 180 character 2,3 levels, at level 200 2,5 levels etc.
If a character is promotedThe total amount of lost experience points is lowered by 30%.
Furthermore, your character can also collect blessings in the game which will further reduce the loss of experience points.Each blessing will reduce the loss by 8% (on Retro Hardcore PvP game worlds only by 6.31%), so promoted characters that have received all 7 blessings will lower their total experience point loss by 86% (74.17% on Retro Hardcore PvP). Death penalty for Retro Hardcore PvP is 16% harsher than on other game worlds.

Blessings can be purchased in the game or via the Store. Now keep in mind the Tibia Manual: Death has additional information about the PVP and Adventurer's blessings, skill and item loss, and also information about Death Redemption. Also, here's a FAQ: Death in Hardcore Retro PvP