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Will I lose: outfits, quests, access, cash in the bank, charm points, house, items in depot if I will rook my character? sad

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What you will keep if rookedWhat you won't keep if rooked
AchievementsIf a character owns a house, it will be lost if this character is still at Dawnport at the next server save.
Outfits and mounts bought in store (You will also keep the following non-store outfits: Wedding outfit as long as your not divorced, Recruiter Outfit and Golden Outfit)Equipment
Items in depot (will appear once your in main again)Carried Items
Charm PointsLevels
Quest Flags
Money in Bank
Outfits not bought in store (exceptions: You will keep the following: Wedding outfit as long as your not divorced, Recruiter Outfit and Golden Outfit)
Access to current prey tasks as this isn't available in Rookgaard




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Great and clear answer! Thanks mate!
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np & an update for you.
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Its nice to have so trustfull persons here, which delivers checked informations :D
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You lose everything beside Achievements. So bank balance outfits, mounts, depot. You only keep items bought via Tibia coins Store.
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Achievements, does it mean i keep charm points?