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Unfortunately I have done whole Krailos Quest, so how can I get some Voodoo Lily Pollens  to decorate my house?

What requirements I have to meet to get one?

Do I need to start this task again or the only way to get it is to come with other character?

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As You know, you can obtain Voodoo Lily Pollen  during Krailos Quest [mission The Great Hunger].

  • You can get ONLY one powder every hour. It means you cannot 'cut' other flowers in the village and get more.
  • You don't have to ask for mission.
  • You can't cut the powder after completing the quest.
  • There is a safe spot in the village or (protection zone). it's worth leaving your character there and logging every hour.

I will also answer your question: there is no NPC guide on the island to escort you to the depot. the depo is also locked here. unfortunately you will need a higher level or a friend.

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As far as I can determine you can only collect the Voodoo Lily Pollen while on that particular mission of the Krailos quest. You can however collect multiple pollen during it with a 1 hour cooldown between collections.

I dug through a few old threads on Reddit so I am not 100% on this and don't have a reliable source so someone else may want to confirm or test it themselves.
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I vote up your answer, it is like you say. Sadly, after being done with that mission, you cannot collect more pollen, but you can do that with your noob character (you don't even need to have active mission), just as Xarkost said, every 1 hour you can collect the voodoo lily pollen. Good luck!
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So I can come there with a character level 8 without any talk with NPC Ghorza shark teeth and simply take in the possibly safest spot some pollens?
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Teoretically YES, but 8 lvl will be for sure one hitted by the monsters that are walking around. I would suggest minimum 30 lvl mage to be safer.
And yes, you don't need any pre-mission, I'm 100% sure (if Cipsoft didn't change anything since last update).