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I know there are some areas in Tibia that don't require the use of a helmet of the deep, so which ones do require you to equip this helmet in order to access the spawn? This would be good to know because this helmet is really heavy and sometimes I go to a spawn and then realize I need the helmet to go in.

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The Helmet of the Deep is used to dive underwaterI think that it is worth buying Depth Galea more expensive, but is much lighter and you can easily have it in backpack always.

Places where you must have it:

  • Calassa
  • The Frozen Trench 
  • Sea Serpent Areas (Quest Hunt Sea Serpent / Svargrond)
  • Yalahar's Sunken Quarter 
  • The Seacrest Grounds (Oramond west)
  • The two lower floors of the Quara Grotto
  • Drefia
  • An area of Krailos 

interesting is the fact that on Gray Island in the depths you don't have to go use to get inside and there are also places underwater...

source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Underwater

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Hi there, for mages it is used for water elementals to reduce the damage they do dramatically. Most common spawn is in port hope.