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Seems that these bosses - Burster and Dreadful Disruptor doesn't work like bosses from the older updates. I was checking them randomly - no results. I was hunting there to finish my bestiary - again no results. I heard that players usually meet them during a hunt. Not at the beginning.

  1. What is the mechanism of these bosses?
  2. additional question: Do you have any experience with them? I mean - how many times did you meet them during your bestiary, etc.

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The mechanism of respawn is difficult to recognize when we talking about such rare bosses. So far, none of the fansites have published information about this mechanism. Several theories have been formed among the bosshunters community about the spawn of these bosses. One of them turned out to be true. After many hours of research, I finally managed to solve this puzzle.

During one of my researches, I assumed that the respawn of the boss could be shared with another monster. You can read more about this spawn type on the Tibia WikiI went to the place where Burster was seen by the players (Marked on the screenshot below).

Due to the fact that the bosses spawn time is extended twice, I started to check every possible spawn spot of the monster In this area. I figured out that one spawning spot is extended in time. It is exactly the place marked on the picture below.

I started to regularly kill Instable Breach Broods appearing in this place. After a few hours of the killing, the Burster finally appeared before my eyes. He spawn in the marked place so the theory of shared spawn proved to be true. What's important is that we can trigger the boss to appear by killing the monsters from this spot. With each kill, we have a chance that the next monster to appear will be Burster.

What about the Dreadful Disruptor? Of course, I went to the place where the boss was seen (Marked on the screenshot below).

I started killing monsters in the marked place. After some time the boss appeared. I didn't find the exact spot, but the respawn of Dreadful Disruptor is in the middle of the marked area. Surely the same mechanism is responsible for his respawn.

Both Dreadful Disruptor and Burster can appear more than once per day. As proof, I attach a screenshot of Dreadful Disruptor kill statistics taken from guildstats.eu 


This also provides hard proof of the shared spawn theory. Because this type of respawn allows you to meet more than one boss a day.

So The final answer is: 

The Spawn mechanism of Burster and Dreadful Disruptor is the Shared Spawn mechanism. To trigger the boss spawn you have to kill the monster in a certain spot. Every time you kill the regular monster, there is a chance that the next monster that appears will be the boss.

Additional information:

• It's hard to meet these bosses. Usually, many hours of tries are needed to first spawn

• I have never met a boss twice in one day. This must happen extremely rarely.

• Dreadful Disruptor is a strong boss. In my experience, he is stronger than Zushuka or Tyrn.

• During the fight against the Burster Or Dreadful Disruptor you can go downstairs. There are no monsters in the underground area, so you can easily refill the mana and HP there.


Varying Monster Spawn | TibiaWiki | Fandom

Where can I find bosses from The Void - Burster and Dreadful Disruptor? - TibiaQA

Dreadful Disruptor kill Statistics - GuildStats.eu

Burster kill Statistics - GuildStats.eu

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Impossible to answer better in this topic - great job! :)
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Great answer. I must've been extremely lucky when I did this bestiary 2.5 years ago :) Twice within 10 minutes

04:22 You see Dreadful Disruptor
04:23 Valuable loot: collar of red plasma, ring of blue plasma dropped by Dreadful Disruptor!
04:23 Loot of Dreadful Disruptor: dangerous proto matter, 2 energy bars, 3 energy drinks, an energy vein, 49 gold coins, plasma pearls, plasmatic lightning, 13 platinum coins, 5 great health potions, a collar of red plasma, a ring of blue plasma

04:29 You see Dreadful Disruptor
04:30 Valuable loot: ring of blue plasma dropped by Dreadful Disruptor!
04:30 Loot of Dreadful Disruptor: dangerous proto matter, 4 energy bars, 2 energy drinks, an energy vein, 70 gold coins, plasma pearls, plasmatic lightning, 12 platinum coins, 4 great spirit potions, a ring of blue plasma
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Oh my gosh. It's really incredible luck. And this confirms the shared spawn mechanism.