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There are many rumors in Tibia. I heard one of them few days ago. Someone told me that it is possible to loot Menacing Egg Menacing Egg and Crackling Egg Crackling Egg from Burster Burster.  My friend killed two bosses last time but nothing interesting was inside. Has anyone heard anything about this? Is it possible to loot Menacing Egg and Crackling Egg from Burster?

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Burster (boss of Breach Broods) and Dreadful Disruptor (boss of Reality Reavers) are rare bosses and not because of it's rarity in fact, but simply nobody checks it. I can't even say what is the mechanism of these bosses. I can only assume, that it is similar to the Mahatheb/The Mean Masher or The Manhunter system.

That's why it is hard to say what is the loot of these bosses. All I can say for now is - "I don't think so".


My friend during making bestiary on weak sparks killed two Bursters during 10 minutes, If this boss is so easy to meet during hunting, then I think it is even less possible, that they drop anythig rare.

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I made a reasearch about it at some fansites and forums but all that I found is just expeculation. Same as Makadamia I donĀ“t think it drops from this bosses even because this items value a lot of money so some players would already try to drop it from the Burster. Until some player prove that the eggs drops from these bosses we have to assume that they don't drop.