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I heard from friends that it is possible to loot Dragon Scale Boots Dragon Scale Boots.gif from Kalyassa Kalyassa.gif. Unfortunately I can't find information about it. Does someone can confirm it?

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I am skeptical about this. There are a lot of rumors about loot from The First Dragon Quest bosses, like Dark Lord's Cape from Zorvorax and Dragon Scale Boots from Kalyassa. Unfortunately neither screenshots nor the videos are published to confirm those rumors. I don't know anybody who had loot one of those items.
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This info is complicated because we don't have any material proof. In case of Wiki br they don't say who got the boost. In case of my friend, he is very trustable but didn't show any SS or video, so there is a chance that he just bought that. Think it's more about your faith in believe rsrsrs
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According to TibiaWiki the boss Kalyassa drops the Dragon Scale Boots Dragon Scale Boots.gif, also I have a friend that would have got the boots at this boss and I have no reasons to distrust him. 

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Hope it is true, I like to believe in such a things :D
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On antica one member from dominando guild looted boots also!
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Ooo! Do you have any screenshot? It's good news :D
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I cannot confirm this myself it seems as rare as Bunnyslippers from Santa at this point. Like the others before me mentioned, we have no proof sadly.
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As the event was introduced a couple of years ago already, I'm really skeptical about the loot. I haven't seen even one screenshotted proof either.