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I was retired for a long time so when I came back I didn't know about some features. To organize your gold loot container, you can have a backpack(1) with another backpack(2) inside to loot your gold, and when the first backpack is full, the gold will go to the second? If so, you can keep going this with 3..4.. backpacks?

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It's best to have a backpack that has several backpacks in it and set this one to collect gold.

I also recommend Gold Puch ( cost 900TC) if you're tired of carrying a lot of backpacks. You can also save space and a cap. You cannot put any other items in a Gold Pouch.

You can carry as much gold as your cap allows. It is worth buying it if you collect a lot of gold, after some time you will pay off this investment.

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Yes, I was editing this answer because I added some information from myself. I think there are more hunting spots where you get quite a lot of platinum. It is not profitable for magicians because magicians rarely collect gold because of their cap. I don't know about your world but a lot of my players go to Liberary. I gave an example from Liberary because there you can get the most platinum there.
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I am not a "high level" so maybe the gold pouch would be worth it if you are hunting these top end spawns or on a new server when tibia coin price is low. But on my server 900 TC is 21.6kk. I don't even loot gold and haven't for a long time. Even if I had a bit of spare capacity each hunt to put gold into it it would still take over 2.1kk of capacity to pick up gold  just for it to pay for itself.
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Phew I feel this comment thread needs its own question but I cant work out how to ask it without it being opinion based
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Yes, if you set your gold to go into the first backpack it will continue to go into the other nested backpacks as each one fills up.