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When browsing through the tibia store there are some items that state they have animation when used. Is there a list or way to know what the animation looks like before you purchase the item with tibia coins in the store?

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I was checking the store and indeed we can not check the animation of items/decorations. We can try on only outfits, mounts or hirelings' dresses.

My suggestions are:

  • Find this item on official fansites like Wikis, TibiaRoyal or Tibiopedia (disadvantage of this option is that sometimes they are updated after few days since the item was implemented and you have to wait)
  • Check it in TibiaRoyal's sprites database. They have always up to date database with all of sprites that exists in game, to let you build their content and participate in contribution program. You will find there all of slides from each item. Then you'll have to make a gif and check the animation.
  • Check if anybody on your server have this item (unfortunately often animation is visible after using the item, so maybe presentation by the owner will be necessary)
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In the game it's impossible, but you can find in websites, streamers, or just ask some player show ur the animations.