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There are a lot of raids in Tibia. Most of them are announced, some are unannounced. I noticed that quite of lot of raids become an opportunity to face some task bosses or completely unusual bosses.

Please, give me a list of raids which includes bosses with info, which boss I can meet.

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This should cover all the current announced raids. I didn't include stuff like Undead Cavebear or certain bosses as they aren't really considered a "raid" or have any special messages. If I made any mistakes or missed some, please let me know.

CarlinWasps to NorthWilli Wasp
DarashiaLions to WestZomba
DarashiaPale Count Under DrefiaThe Pale Count
DarashiaMutated Pumpkin (During Halloween)The Mutated Pumpkin
Liberty BaySurprise Pirate RaidRon the Ripper, Lethal Lissy, Brutus Bloodbeard, Deadeye Devious
Liberty BayMorgaroth On GoromaMorgaroth
Liberty BayKharos (Ferumbras Island)Ferumbras
SvargrondFormorgar MinesGhazbaran
ZaoOrc Raid on ZzaionChizzoron the Distorter, Zulazza the Corruptor, Cublarc The Plunderer
ZaoOrc Raid on Zao SteppeCublarc the Plunderer (Appears multiple times as the raid moves across steppe)
ZaoLancer Beetles on Muggy PlainsThe Blightfather
ZaoDragons on Muggy PlainsDraptor, Grand Mother Foulscale

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Great answer, I would only add Cublarc The Plunderer on Orc Raid on Zzaion.
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I was thinking about that but didn't have all the details and didn't want to mislead. Do you know if it is 100% spawn chance or only sometimes?
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100% chance to meet him, on this raid appears only 1 Cublarc The Plunderer :) During Raid on Zao Steppe 3x.
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Thanks, updated the answer