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Recently was going back through the Wailing Widow cave and was having to break some Spider Webs   to travel. Some breaking on the first hit, some taking many.

Are there any stats available to the likelihood of a web breaking each hit?

Any help much appreciated

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I looked for an answer on fansites and I did not find. So I went to a spider cave and tried 100 times to broke a spider web, 42 times I broke them. So we have here a percentage of 42%, but it's not exactly, to have better results we can test in many caves and 1000+ times. I tested in GS cave in Forbidden lands.

Attention, this is not a official answer, I got it with 100 attempts. We need much more attempts to got a most accurate answer.

If you use a firebug you have 100%. It always put fire in spider web.
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Thank you for putting the time in to research. Im not sure what you mean with your data though. When you say you tried 100 times to break a spider web and 42 times it broke. Does that mean it broke on the first try, or something else?
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Thank you for you comment.
I did the following, for example with 3 spider webs:
- I tried to broke the first, I needed 2 hits
- I tried to broke the second, I needed 1 hits
- I tried to broke the third, I needed 4 hits

So I tried 7 times and I broke 3 spider webs, I think with this information we can approach the result trying many times.
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Edited: I put the firebug information
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Didnt actually know about the firebug. Thank you