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Today I caught Lacewing Moth on the summer side, catching it in 2 safe spots, one to the right behind the building and another at the left entrance with practically no monsters, is there a similar place on the winter side to catch Hibernal Moth without the need to fight?

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I'm afraid that in case of Hibernal Moth there is no full safe place.

The best place is here:

You may ask if this place is safe - to get there you have to kill a small group of ice elves (4-5). However this is the only place where you can find Hibernal Moth outside the building. Rest are inside assisted with big groups of Elves and Arachnofobicas.

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Once I get to this place, will I be constantly attacked by elves or will only the moth come up?
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Elves are too close to the Moth. Maybe if you'll be fast you can skip some elves that will go on you from the building but unfortunately some of them are also with Hibernal Moth. Ofc note, that you can stand on a fire bomb, they won't come to you.
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To tame the hibernal moth you will have to face the elves the easier spot is this one that pochwalona shows. I would recommend you to lure all elves to the north- east out of the castle, use fire bombs to trap them,  the elves dont walk though over it. You should stay south waiting for the hibernal moth.
Good Luck ^^.