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What Is the best/recommended tactic for the knights to farm bosses at Hive sole; and also:

  • What is recommended level for the EK to go there?
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First of all I think that question about profit in this place should be asked separately, since it has nothing to do with the tactic to fight with the Hive bosses.
Secondly, I think that in this particular place the profit is really hard to define. It depends on your luck with the shining Dung Balls. It's price is as high that your profit may vary by as much as 500k (or even more).
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I removed the part regarding profit. Please, ask this question in a separate question if you want to ask multiple topics about the Hive.

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Hive Bosses are usually surrounded with other mobs such us Waspoid's, Insectoids Worker's, Crawlers, Spitters and :

Hive Overseer Hive Overseer (summoning 2 Spidris Elite), Kollos, 

Spidris Elite Spidris Elite & Spidris

Level recommended: 300+

Weapon's Recommendations: Winterblade (from the 200 lvl)/ Gnome Sword (from the 250 lvl), Cobra Axe ( from the 220 lvl)/ Falcon Battleaxe (from the 300 lvl), Resizer( from the 230 lvl)/ Falcon Mace (from 300 lvl)

Tactic 1- Take it slow.

Move slowly and kill mobs on the way to the bosses to make sure they will not follow you and block you. Corner Hive Overseer (try to separate them and deal individually) and kill him as fast as possible. Once the place is cleared, focus on the Boss. note: Mew will be behaving like Overseerer and will attack you from distance. You will have to corner him. 

Tactic 2. Run Fast.

Run Quickly next to the wall (not many mobs is respawning next to the wall). Help yourself with Energy Bomb Rune Energy Bomb Rune's and Energy Wall RuneEnergy Wall Rune's. It is recommended to use them to have an escape route in case mobs are lured in large amount. You will still have to kill mobs around the bosses. 

Videos :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V59N8Bv6NVg