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I'm trying to unlock all he grounds during Measuring Tibia Quest and I faced with the problem. I don't know how can I get to the small island which is included in Svargrond Surroundings area.

I mean exactly this place. Any help will be appreciated :)

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To access the small island north of Svargrond that is apart of the Svargrond Surroundings area you need to go to Barbarian Camp (also known as Krimhorn).

1) Go to Svargrond - you can either walk or travel to Barbarian camp with Buddel if you have access to by saying Passage -> Barbarian Camp -> Yes. (You need Barbarian Test quest if you use Buddel if not you can just walk) Be careful Buddel steals Dwarven Rings if their in your backpack and you don't say no and also sometimes he brings you to the wrong location so you might have to travel a couple of times if you don't end up in step 3 map. In the map below the orange line represents if you choose to walk and the black line is if you choose to travel with Buddel. 

2) This step is only if you're still walking. Follow the red line and go downstairs.

3) The orange line represents if you're walking the black line is if you're coming from Buddel. Please follow the black line all the way to the south and go upstairs where you'll face some Barbarians and Ice Witches.

4) This image is on +3 upstairs go inside the teleport, you'll face more Ice Witches.

5) You'll end up in the images below! Be sure you to use the dead female corpse btw!

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I never saw this before, cool!! Thanks for sharing.
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Me neither, I thought "I'll ask on TIbiaQA, Shawtay knows it in 100%" and tadaaaam! xD

Btw. do I need any quest or anything else to have ability of using this teleport?
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Im going to go on a character I haven't done any quests on and do some research after work~ and then I'll know whether or not you need a quest to access the teleport. <3 I don't know everything but I won't fight in the comments with you about it because I'll take that compliment coming from you it means a lot thank you! edit: You need more than just the Barbarian Test quest to access the portal. Im going to try Ice Island quests soon and edit my comment (preferably this weekend when I have more time)