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I'm watering some flower pots and I wonder what are the chances of grown each flower, are they all the same? Or there are some rare ones?
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someone flagged this post " Duplicate |  “https://www.tibiaqa.com/8651/what-are-the-types-of-plants-you-can-get-when-you-water-a-flower-pot”" but in my opinion it isn't the same question. this question is more about whether one flower statistically occurs more than others. someone added the information that there is no% on this subject, however this isn't  the same question. that is about what you can get, not how often.
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Didn't see the flag but I agree with you Tynusiiaa. If thats what the flag was for then no, definately not a replication.

As to the question itself. Ive looked and cant find anything on the stats side of it. Everything ive read has said 'random' which could mean even spread or anything else. Might be time to start saving up seeds after this month for next year and see if we can do a study. Hopefully someone can come up with an answer

Now Im really confused. The question by shawtay has been edited an hour after Candangoeks question was posted
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Removed flag. I'm fine with it being 2 different questions although in my comments section since 2019 reflected I wanted chances of each but never got answer.

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I dont know if there are exact chance for each plants, but i can tell you the result of doing my 100 plants and some semms to be harder to make the midnight bloom flower/ember queen/fairy dancer and quite more comon are dryads heart and lizard tongue
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It might be helpful a little. 

statics for 38 flowers

  •  only one (down floor)
  •  3 pieces
  •  5 pieces
  •  8 pieces
  •  9 pieces
  • 12 pieces