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Today tibia was offline for a couple of minutes despite the normal server save. What happen to bosses like Undead Cavebear and/or midnight panther that have their spawn predicted?

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as the bosses from the new questline "The Dream Courts" gets reset after that downtime, I guess the bosses that should have spawned will just not spawn, and that few hours are counted as a whole day for these bosses, so you can remove one day from your bosses schedule.
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Yes the dream courts bosses changed on that server save
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i dont think this is the point he asked for
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I think it is hard to answer this question with 100% sure that all I said is correct, but from my own experience bosses with random spawn behave completely defferent than bosses from arena on Dream Courts. In case of arena every day you have to fight with different boss, every server safe means change of the boss. In case of bosses with random spawn there are no changes of monsters. Sudden server safe means that we meet unexpected reduction of time of boss' appearance and to be fair - we get an additional day! During last few years I had a lot of cases, when bosses appeared 1 day later than it's last day of spawn.